I Made It! #2 – Outside Inside

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Level: Intermediate. The tasks are not difficult but the lack of accuracy in the explanations and the duration make it harder for a beginner.

Duration: Long. Using my own images made it even longer.

This week I picked an “outside inside” tutorial. An effect that most people like and finally not that hard to get with a bit of time and a nice photo.

This tutorial was made a year ago, it is still mostly up-to-date apart from a few broken links. For example, you will have to find a new floor texture/image.

I really enjoyed learning this effect. The tutorial is a good resource but lacks some details and accurate explanations but you’ll find below some advices. Continue reading


I Made It! #1 – Broken Text

Oh No! I broke my typography!

Level: Beginner+

Duration: Depends on the length of the text, I went slow and it took me less than one hour.

I really like the website wegraphics.net, it is full of resources. Some require a premium subscription to access the materials for the tutorials, some do not (and some can be done by replacing the materials by your own ;)). So, today I followed this nice and simple tutorial to create a broken plate effect on some text.  Continue reading

Organizing Photoshop Brushes… Something Adobe should work on.

While working on a website layout on Photoshop I noticed how many brushes I loaded lately and how badly organized they were. I fact, it took me something like 20 mins just to figured out the two brushes I was going to use.

Photoshop Software LogoThis is clearly not efficient.

I made a brief research on google to realized that there is no simple way to organize Photoshop brushes once loaded.

We need to do it “manually”, inside of ‘Preset Manager’. When I say manually it is truly the method you would have use on the first edition of Photoshop. Impossible to delete many brushes in once, to rename many at a time, etc.

Lesson is learn that I will take care of this as soon as I load a new brush but with the popularity of brushes on Photoshop, Adobe may want to work on this point. I thing that it would be great if they could find a better way to organize the brushes, gradients, and other tools library. Any ideas of organization?


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Photoshop Vintage Diary – Tutorial

I started to improve my Photoshop skills. And what a best way for that than online free tutorials? Internet is full of free smart well designed tutorials.
Today, I want to introduce a tutorial from Abduzeedo.com : The vintage traveler diary. Following you will find the link to the tutorial and my personal version of it!
Inspiration Oregon….

The tutorial